Hellenic Agricultural Organization (HAO)

Hellenic Agricultural Organization - HAO
Hellenic Agricultural Organization – HAO

IOSV, located in Greece, is a research institute of Hellenic Agricultural Organisation “DEMETER” (EDT), the national Centre for research, training and certification in agriculture and is supervised by the Ministry of Rural Development of Greece. Although in the pre-proposal IOSV joined as a partner of OLIVE-MIRACLE consortium with its in-kind contribution, it had to decline to join the full proposal phase due to the drastic financial cuts assigned by the EU to Greece and adopted by the Greek Government in spring 2015. On these premises, CNR formally asked FACCE-JPI steering committee the possibility of subcontracting IOSV for implementing some specific activities in the project. This was motivated by the fact that Greece represents an important olive growing country in the Mediterranean basin and the experience of IOSV is fundamental for the project for a comprehensive knowledge on olive tree giving the partners a complete overview on olive tree cultivation across the basin. Moreover, IOSV holds relevant experimental data for model calibration (it has laboratories and research fields in 6 areas in Greece covering many different olive production systems and soil and climate environments), relies on a consolidated stakeholders network, has a long lasting experience on several topics related to the present proposal, including cultural practices related to olive growing (irrigation, fertilization, pruning, orchard management, etc.), physiological response of olive tree to abiotic and biotic factors, etc., participating to several EU, national or privately-funded projects. For all these reasons, participation of IOSV is fundamental for project goals achievement.

Resources and infrastructures available for project implementation are the following:

• IOSV facilities include the National Olive Germplasm Collection of Greece with over 80 Greek and foreign olive cultivars as well as more than 3000 olive trees in experimental orchards.
• IOSV currently implements a LIFE+ project (www.oliveclima.eu) which applies climate change mitigation and adaptation practices in 120 olive orchards located in 3 different areas as well as in an experimental farm.

• A network of meteorological stations is available as well as equipment to measure CO2, Leaf Area Index, soil and plant water status. • Information on management of olive mill wastewater of Greece
• Information on cultural practices related to olive growing (pruning, orchard management, fertilizing, irrigation, etc.) for Greece
• Information on pysiological response of olive tree to abiotic and biotic factors, etc. for Greece

• Greek stakeholder network (farmers, advisors, researchers, policy makers, etc.) to rely on for WP3 implementation