WP5 – Communication and dissemination

The aim of this WP is to ensure the effective dissemination of project results and knowledge transfer deriving from WPs, with a special regard to WP4 outputs. To this end, outreach materials (leaflets, guidelines, factsheets, report cards, policy briefs, news, factsheets) summarizing the main goals and outputs of the project will be prepared and disseminated by both online (social networks, project institutional website, newsletters) and frontal communication activities (national/international symposia, conferences, etc.).

Specifically, WP6 has the following objectives:

  • development of a dissemination and communication plan;
  • information and awareness raising targeted to a broad audience;
  • education and training of selected target groups;
  • scientific papers and scientific dissemination
  • governance recommendations and technical guidelines.

Dissemination activity will be designed with a transversal strategy, thus it will run throughout the project lifetime and will involve each partners.

Task 5.1 – Development of knowledge exchange plan

Leader: CREA, partners involved ARI
Duration M4-M7

The goal of this task is to develop a Communication and Dissemination Plan (CDP) to establish target audience, the means to be used, to define key and clear objectives and goals to achieve (including measureable results) by the communication activities, to define the problems may be tackled, identifying the appropriate and effective communication channels and tools, planning the communication process. The activities encompassed in the CDP will answer to the following questions: target, message, tools, how does it works, deadlines, results. Every activities planned in CDP will be put into practice by task 5.2, 5.3, 5.4. Development of the plan will be based on an inventory of appropriate and effective information channels, networks and platforms that will be utilised. Moreover, details on the target and typology audience to be involved (e.g. farmers, advisors, policy maker, etc.) and goals will be established and identified. The communication plan will be designed by the task Leader with inputs and feedbacks form each partners; moreover, the plan will be designed in compliance with the overall FACCE SURPLUS communication and dissemination plan, as endorsed during the common kick-off meeting. The plan will focus on the specific knowledge, communication and impact measures each partner may deploy to address efficiently the different target groups. Partners of the consortium will share experiences with different types of supporting material and different modes of reaching the audience, and provide recommendations for communication and dissemination. The communication and dissemination plan will be designed accordingly.

Task 5.2 – Tailored  dissemination activities for knowledge transfer

Leader: CREA, partners involved ALL, including subcontractor
Duration M31-M36

In this tasks workshops/seminars will be organized in order to disseminate final project outputs and products. These workshops will be targeted to the stakeholders identified in task 3.1 and they will be hosted in each partners countries (namely Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus). Each partners will be responsible of its own workshop, however, the leader of task 5.2 will provide the other partners with templates with common outlines, goals and objectives of the workshops. Workshops/seminars will be given notice through local media, project web-sites, farmer networking sites, etc. Guidelines prepared in task 5.3, as well as leaflets prepared in task 5.4 will disseminated and presented during the workshops. Ad hoc promotion activities will be also carried out by the consortium partners from the respective countries. In this task also the participation to FACCE SURPLUS dissemination common events will be foreseen.

Task 5.3 – Scientific publications and guidelines for policy maker recommendations

Leader: ARI partners involved ALL, including subcontractor
Duration M20-M36

The most significant results of the project, from the scientific point of view, will be published in international peer-reviewed journals as well as presented at European or international conferences on agriculture and olive related issues. Building on the scientific outputs of the project deriving from WP3 and WP4 technical guidelines and policy makers recommendation will be produced in order be disseminated in task 5.2. Guidelines will be structured in a general part as well as in a country-specific section. The general part will provide technical information on feasible optimal olive management improvement strategies applicable in all Mediterranean countries. In turn, the specific section will comprise country-specific olive management strategies information deriving from the integration of stakeholders consultation (WP3) and model results (WP2 and WP4). Guidelines will be structured for a technical audience. Any dissemination activities and publications produced in the project will acknowledge the FACCE-SURPLUS Programme funding.

Task 5.4 – Newsletter, leaflets and social media diffusion

Leader: CNR, partners involved ALL, including subcontractor
Duration M10-M36

Project specific profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will be designed and setup to serve as an interactive interface to a broader range of stakeholders. It will be used to stimulate interaction with the farmer networks and relevant discussion groups. Moreover, project newsletters, brochures and/or leaflets with the outputs will be produced throughout the duration of project in compliance with FACCE SURPLUS templates. Specifically, newsletter will be produced and released every six months over the project duration, exclusively in electronic format. They will comprise brief news on recent project activities (previous and future) and outcomes, opinion articles from invited experts  as well as updates on relevant external events and meetings related to the key themes of the project. They will be edited in English and translated into Spanish, Italian and Greek (translation into other languages will be optional). Leaflets and info-sheets will be tailored for a wide audience. Any newsletter, leaflets and social media diffusion will specify that the project is funded by FACCE-SURPLUS programme. Any dissemination activities and materials produced in the project will acknowledge the FACCE-SURPLUS Programme funding.


D5.1 (Month 8) Dissemination and Communication plan

D5.2 (Month 36) Olive tree management strategies and policy maker recommendation guidelines


M5.1 (Month 5) Knowledge exchange roadmap →Read

M5.2 (Months 12 and 36) Scientific papers published

M5.3 (Month 6 and 29) Workshop guidelines and template

M5.4 (Month 9) Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn created