WP6 – Coordination

Facilitating and ensuring completion of all activities and aspects of the project respecting quality standards, deadlines and budget constraints. This is achieved through:

  • Election of steering committee
  • aiding communication in the consortium;
  • ensuring high quality of deliverables and respect of deliverables and milestone deadlines;
  • organizing kick-off and project meetings;
  • launching and maintaining project website.

The Gantt chart will be the guiding document of this WP, discussions and agreements with WP leaders will be coordinated in case of adjustments of timetables for delivery of project outputs. In case of major disputes or critical risks to implementation of activities, the issues will be taken up with the project coordination group during the meetings for a common decision.

Task 6.1 – Overall project management and quality control

Leader: CNR, partners involved ALL
Duration M10-M36

In this task, all administrative, financial, legal and contractual aspects of the project will be activated, monitored and coordinated ensuring the overall consistency of the different issues of the project. Moreover, efficient internal knowledge transfer and communication amongst all partners will be guaranteed by the task leader. Partners will be channelled to reporting and be advised on financial and legal issues. Mid-term and end-term report will be assembled and prepared from all partners inputs and sent to the Steering Committee in compliance with the common templates provided. Moreover, an appropriate Consortium of Agreement will be subscribed in order to manage research data generated and collected during the project, data verification and re-use, ownership and access to key knowledge management, protection to scientific publication resulting from the project.

Furthermore, by this task the overall project coherence across WPs will be safeguarded leading the external contacts, facilitating the development of shared concepts and methodologies in the project, reviewing WPs findings and communicating results to the consortium. Moreover, Scientific consistency activities and results will be ensured establishing a quality management system and through a continuous monitoring and evaluation process throughout the project.

Task 6.2 – Project coordination meetings

Leader: CNR, partners involved ALL, including subcontractor
Duration M10-M36

In this task, a kick-off meeting will be organized at the beginning of the project. This meeting will be hosted in Florence and all partners (including subcontractor) will be involved. During this meeting, project outputs, activities and deadline will be organized and a Steering committee will be elected to establish copyright and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the results derived from the project. Moreover, three plenary project meetings (one in Bologna, two in Cyprus and one in Spain) will be organized in order to monitor project outgoing, review progress and take forward tasks within each individual WPs. The final meeting will be held in Cyprus. Some WPs and task meetings will be also organized, where a restricted group of partners will join. In order to limit as much as possible travel expenses, WPs and Tasks meetings will be preferably organized via skype, adobe meeting, etc.

Task 6.3 – Project logo and project web-site launching and maintaining

Leader: CNR, partners involved ALL, including subcontractor
Duration M10-M36

In this task, project common logo will be created for use in project leaflets, website, presentation templates and all communication produced by the consortium.

Moreover, the project website will be set up and maintained by the coordinator; partners will be asked to provide information to be published. The website will be used both for internal management (with credentials) and for external communication (free access) on project activities. The internal management tool will enable safe and easy communication of progress between partners and serve as an organized repository of shared information and data of relevance to the project participants and activities (e.g. detailed work plan and deadlines, minutes from meetings, information notes, reports, deliverables, datasets, etc.). The public part of the website will provide information about the project, goals, participants, deliverables and news on the progress project reports and relevant dissemination products for a wide and generic public.


D6.1 (Month 3) Project logo and website

D6.3 (Month 12, 24, and 36) Periodic reports, including progress reports, financial reports and administrative final report


M6.1 (Month 1) Kick-off meeting

M6.2 (Month 4) Website launched